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Welcome to Aid Physiotherapy Home Service. Aid Physiotherapy Home Service is Patna‘s first physiotherapy home visit website which provides Best female Physiotherapist in Patna according to people’s disease sitting at home . If you are also looking for female Physiotherapist for Home Physiotherapy in Patna then you have come to the right place.

what is Aid Physiotherapy Home Service?

Aid Physiotherapy Home Service is the first and only one of its kind physiotherapy home visit website which provides you treatment and management of dozens of diseases at home. For Physiotherapy Treatment at Home, we have many Best Physiotherapist in our team who are very experienced and skilled. we have many female physiotherapist also to treat patient at home.

Female Physiotherapy At Home Services List

We provide the facility of physiotherapy at home for almost all types of diseases, whose treatment is also possible through physiotherapy and at home. such as –



Bell’s Palsy or Facial Paralysis

Knee Pain

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder

Total Hip Replacement Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement Total Knee Replacement Suffering from Cerebral Palsy in case of a shoulder

blockage for a post fracture problem Arthritis for children with spinal cord fractures paraplegia

Along with all these conditions, we also provide the facility of physiotherapy at home for all the diseases and conditions that require physiotherapy.

Our Features at Patna Home Physiotherapy

Only Experienced and Skilled Female Physiotherapist are present in our team. We don’t ask a single physiotherapist to see dozens of different diseases. Rather, there are different Best Girl Physiotherapists in our team for different conditions . For example, there are some Female physiotherapists who specialize in treating patients in case of frozen shoulder. In such a situation, patients who are suffering from shoulder problem, that is, if someone has frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, then they go to see physiotherapists from our team who specialize in the treatment of frozen shoulder . Similarly, there are different Best Physiotherapists in our team for different diseases.

In the last 3 years, Coronavirus has caused a lot of havoc. The danger is still not completely averted. This is why we make the safety of our patients the first priority. For this reason only and only such Physiotherapist doctors work in our team who are fully vaccinated.

Apart from this, when our female physiotherapists go for physiotherapy at home in Patna, they take full care of the patient’s safety.

So, if you are looking for a good female physiotherapist for physiotherapy at home in Patna, then you can call or message us immediately.

female Physiotherapist home visit Charges in Patna

Today, in general, Physiotherapy doctors going to the market and from big hospitals take a lot of money for home visit. But in Aid Physiotherapy Home Service Patna , home visit facility is available for just Rs 499 per visit . We provide quality treatment at low cost.

So if you are also looking for a good and top most women physiotherapist in patna for Physiotherapy Home Visit or Physiotherapy at Home then feel free to call us. Our aim is not only to earn money but to work with the spirit of service. Our first priority is patient service, safety and reasonable profit.

We have been providing the facility of Physiotherapy at home to the people for a long time .

For more information you can call us on the numbers given below – 9472920490

You can also message us through WhatsApp on this number.

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