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Medical field is such a field whose utility can never end as long as there is human life. Therefore, if we make a career in this field, then it can prove to be a better option. In today’s article, we are going to talk about one such course whose name is Master of Physiotherapy . In this article we will tell you mpt course details in hindi . Apart from this, MPT full form ( MPT Fullform in Hindi ) and mpt meaning in Hindi will also be told. Read this article till the end to know about Master in Physiotherapy or Master of Physiotherapy.

If you also want to know that Master of Physiotherapy Course in Hindi kya hai. Or what is Master of Physiotherapy course . How to Take Admission in MPT Course (MPT Admission Process in Hindi) or Admission in MPT Course Step by Step. MPT Course Fees, MPT Course Duration and Eligibility for doing MPT Course, then read this article completely. In this complete information about Master of Physiotherapy in Hindi is given.

What is MPT Full Form – MPT fullforn in Hindi

Talk about the full form of MPT or MPT fullforn or talk about MPT Meaning in india, then tell that the full form of MPT is Master of Physiotherapy. MPT course is a recognized medical course. This course is conducted in government and non-government institutions of the country.

Within the MPT course, you are prepared with the practical knowledge to treat the patient both physically and mentally. In some colleges or universities, MPT course is also conducted like MPTH.

Talking about mpt course duration in india , this course is of 2 years and with this you have to do internship of 6 months. After doing MPT course, you are given an academic degree in post graduation. After doing Master of Physiotherapy course, you can brighten your career in the field of medicine.

How to take admission in MPT – MPT admission process

MPt Course Details in india

Master of physiotherapy admission – Mainly for taking admission in Master of Physiotherapy course, you have to qualify the entrance exam, after which you are able to take admission in MPT course.

But there are also some college universities who take admission in their college or university without any entrance and there are also some colleges which take entrance exam at their college level on the basis of merit or on the basis of percentage obtained in Bachelor’s degree i.e. BPT. Take admission.

But if you want to do Master of Physiotherapy course from a good college or government college, for this you have to qualify the entrance exam NEET PG. After which you can take admission in a good recognized college. Hope you have understood that how to take admission in MPT or how to take admission in MPT .

Eligibility for doing Master of Physiotherapy Course – Mater in Physiotherapy Eligibility

Master in Physiotherapy in India – If you want to do Master of Physiotherapy course, then for this you must have some general qualifications. The qualifications are mentioned below if you have all these qualifications then you can easily do MPT course-

Candidate must have completed Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT ) degree from a recognized university or institute with minimum 50% marks.

The candidate must have done an internship of about 6 months or more along with the degree course. If the candidate does not do an internship of 6 months, then he is not eligible to take admission in the Master of Physiotherapy course. So make sure you have completed 6 months internship.

Even if a candidate is in the final year of Bachelor of Physiotherapy, he is still eligible to apply for Master of Physiotherapy course.

Master of Physiotherapy admission process step by step

If you want to take admission in MPT i.e. Master of Physiotherapy (Master in Physiotherapy) and want to do this course, for this some steps are given below, you can do Master of Physiotherapy course by following them-

To take admission in MPT course, first you have to apply for NEET PG entrance exam. NEET is the most popular entrance test with the help of which you can get admission in a good college. But apart from this, there are also some other entrance exams by which you can take admission in this course like IPU CET, MET, DSAT etc.

After applying for the entrance exam, do its dedicated preparation and qualify the entrance exam. Keep in mind that the better marks you have in your entrance exam, the better college you will be able to take on your own. So try that because the best college can get the best percentage.

After qualifying the entrance exam, the next step comes counseling, you participate in the counseling and choose your favorite college and book your college seat from there.

After booking college seat online, go to your college campus wherever you want to take admission. Whose name has been entered in your counseling and you have found that institute, then you go to that college campus. Get the verification done and ensure your admission.

If due to any reason you get less marks in your entrance exam or you are not able to get college in counseling then there is no need to panic for that. Some colleges and universities also take direct admission. You can contact those colleges and get direct admission from there.

In this way you can easily take admission in MPT course by following some of the steps mentioned above.

MPT Course Duration – MPT Course Duration in India

The duration of Master of Physiotherapy course is 2 years. Meaning your 4 semesters are taught in these 2 years. In which you have to perform successfully. And along with this you also have to do an internship of 6 months.

Specialization of MPT Course – Master in Physiotherapy Course List

Just as we can do engineering in a particular field by selecting any branch in engineering. Similarly, in MPT also we can choose any one branch or specialization and do MPT course. like –



Pediatric Neurology

hand rehabilitation

Obstetrics And Gynecology


community physiotherapy

MPT Fees Details in India

Master of Physiotherapy Fees – The fees for Master of Physiotherapy course varies from college to college. But if we talk about an average fee, then here it can range from 70000 per annum to 300000 per annum. This variation depends on the quality of the college and its body. So try your best to perform well in the entrance exam. So that you can get the government body and complete this course in less cost.

Hopefully, you must have understood the Master in Physiotherapy or MPT Course details very well. If you want to know anything more related to this Master in Physiotherapy ya Physiotherapy, then you can ask in the comment box.

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